Reading is magical


Learning to read is like "walking on the moon!"


During my career as a teacher, I loved teaching kindergarten and first grade because I witnessed hundreds of children learn to read…seeing that lightbulb moment! 

           Children make an important transition from ‘telling’ a story to ‘reading’ a story!

 I remember one of my students, Melissa, describe how it felt when she learned to read: “At first it felt like I was walking on the ground, and now I’m walking on the moon!” 

Kids aren’t the only ones feeling proud…parents are equally amazed! 

Vowel Buddy Lesson

Practice reading, writing, and spelling words that have two vowels together.

Bossy 'e' Lesson

Learn how the bossy 'e' changes words.

Short Vowel Sounds

Learn to read, write, and spell words with short vowel sounds.

Two and Three Letter Words

Learn to read, write, and spell two and three letter words that end in 'e'.


Educator Review

Debi Novotny's 'What Do You Do When the Couch Eats Your Shoe (and other things, too!)' is a fun romp for children and adults who remember the family couch as the mecca of fun and imagination with your favorite toys.  Wendy Hill's colorful and detailed illustrations engage the reader as the young hero partakes in a simple quest to find what is his.  Its rhythmic prose would make Dr. Seuss proud."

Eugene Liptak (Military History Author)

Learn to read with My Magic Hat Series