My Magic Hat Goes to School! to be released in June 2019!

My Magic Hat Rules! Video

This magical book can show you reading tips and make learning fun!

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Book Review: R .M. Halterman, Author, Illustrator, and Children's Book Blogger September, 2018

"Walk into any bookstore and you will find dozens of ABC books for your kids. From animals to trucks and tools to cartoon characters, you have all of the options in the world. But what happens when they are learning the basics of reading?

My Magic Hat Rules! is a creative, fun way of teaching fundamental phonics all the while using a play on words. Let this magic hat walk you and your kids through a fun story with learning intertwined. Its repetitive structure allows the young reader to gain confidence in fluency and holds your interest with introducing new reading rules as the story progresses. 

The whimsy, colorful illustrations solidify the lessons throughout the book. From word finding to bright hues it is delightful on the eyes. Our daughter wasn’t just helping us find the letters in each rule but looking for her own magic hat to help her read!

Debi Novotny is throwing her magic hat into the ring of children's literature with her debut series, My Magic Hat Rules!  Debi writes stories that blend technical learning with vibrant colors and engaging characters.  Her inspiration is drawn from twenty years of teaching early childhood education.

Thea Schaeffer has been a successful artist for over twenty five years.  She adds a creative flair to everything she does, including the illustrations for My Magic Hat Rules!  Thea specializes in ceramic art, and brought this book to life by creating the illustrations on tiles."


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