My Magic Hat Goes to School! to be released in July 2019!

Why is My Magic Hat Rules! great for kids? book

Reading to Grandma and Grandpa.....


 "It's a wonderful book.  It arrived Friday and we have already read it a few times.  He's 3 and correctly identified 'he' and 'be' while we were reading it to Grandma and Grandpa on Skype this morning.   Your book helped him do that!!  Again, thank you!!" - Amy - Parent and Teacher

We love it....


This is one of the cutest books!!!!  We love it, and bought a copy for my daughter's teacher!! - 

Amazon Customer

A must-have for beginning readers.....


 "My youngest is still working on mastering phonics rules, 

and I am so excited to share this fun book by teacher-author Debi Novotny with him.  It explains long and short vowels, 'bossy e' and 'vowel buddies' through rhythm, rhyme and colorful illustrations!  It's a must-have for beginning readers and elementary school teachers." - Phoebe - Author and Librarian

Thank you Debi!


"We had the most amazing author visit the Fuller Falcons today!  She shared the process of becoming an author with our students and donated her book,  My Magic Hat Rules! to our school library.  I was so fortunate to teach with her and to see her now...Thank you Debi!"       Alana - Kindergarten Teacher

It is the perfect read aloud and can begin any phonics lesson......


"Kindergarten teachers LOVE My Magic Hat Rules!  It uses bright pictures, rhyming, and laughter to teach simple phonics skills all while keeping the kids engaged and wanting to learn more!  It is the perfect read aloud and can begin any phonics lesson with full engagement!  Get out the white boards, markers, and grab a black top hat!  You won't be disappointed!"

- Megan, Kindergarten Teacher reading book

Debi is magic!


"Debi is magic!  My students love getting the magnifying glass and finding the rhyming words in her book.  They love her magic book!"                                                                                   - Teresa - Tempe Teacher